Tournament rules English / Sutabura


  • 3stock
  • Limited time 8 min
  • Items OFF
  • No stage gimmicks
  • No pause function


Starter Stage Final Destination, Battlefield、Smashville、Town and City、Pokémon Stadium2
Counter stage Kalos Pokémon League、Yoshi’s Island

※All stage gimmick off

Match flow

In the case of the first one

  1. A man who won the Rock-Paper-Scissors gains stage selection rights
  2. A player who chose the stage selection right refuses 1 stage from the starter stage
  3. The player who chooses the port selection right refuses 2 stages from the remaining 4 stages
  4. A player who selected the stage selection right selects one stage from the remaining two stages
  5. Each player selects a character (secret order when it is not decided)
※Secret Order: A method of telling a character to be used to a third party so that the opponent does not know the character, and then performing a character select
※To select Mii fighter, also convey the technique number at the same time

For the second and subsequent times

  1. The winner refuses two from the stage including the starter and the counter
  2. The loser selects one from the remaining stages
  3. The winner selects a character
  4. The loser selects a character
  5. Repeat ① to ④ until the winner of the tournament is confirmed


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